Just thinking out loud.

Kene KingsleyIF SCORPIONS HAVE WINGS.-If scorpions have wings.Mosquitoes would not have been a problem.They would have been my vampire friends.Willingly would I have given them food.My sking to pierce and suck.The tone they play in my ears at night would have been a danceable rhythm.There would be no need to buy insecticides.If scorpions have wings.-If scorpions have wings.I need not hate houseflies.Seemingly, they would be harmless.They would have been vectors of pleasure.Although their perch on my food is a beautiful nonsense, it would have been welcomed with a frowny smile.If scorpions have wings.-If scorpions have wings.Perching on a flesh would have been like dynamite on a rock.I would have been responding faster to any perch on my skin.There would have been a scorpioncide.The rich would have been privileged while the poor would be doomed.If scorpions have wings.They might have been extincted by now.By: Kene kingsley


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